Store hours - Module for Joomla

You have your own Joomla based homepage and want to offer your visitors regional information? Then maybe our storehours widget is something for you! Simply download, install and customize – and instantly your visitors will be able to look-up the storehours of your city. If you need assistance – simply send us a short message and we will gladly help.


[Joomla 1.6.x]
[Joomla 1.5.x]
[Joomla 1.0.x]


Install the module by choosing the installation package (zip) from your computer.

Following your successful installation, select „extensions" -> „module manager“ .

Select the module „storehours".

Activate the module, decide positioning and default search terms (what/where) as well as your choice of text color. Important: Text color has to be customized in HEX-Code starting with #, for example #FFFFFF for white or #000000 for black. You will find a color picker here. Ready!


Usage of this tool is of course free of charge. What’s special is that you may remove the copyright reference and the link to storehours24 respectively. storehours24 is an advertisement-financed and free directory that users extend daily with thousands of new store hours. That’s why we would be glad if you’d keep the link reference anyway or if your mention us elsewhere on your site.

Store Hours for your Smartphone or your Website!
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