The effects of pests on your health


As we all know, pests and rodents have adverse effects on our health, not to mention the inconvenience that may cause us while affecting the quality of our life. It is crucial that every people understand the dangers of infestations, whether it be health related problems or the damages to our homes caused by the different household pests. Also, it is necessary that you learn how to eradicate them so as to prevent them from spreading diseases.

In this post, let us take a look at the most common pests found in the homes as well as the affiliated health risks.

The most common pests


hgdhgd74Rodents such as mice can gain entry to your house through small openings or even cracks. So, while cleaning your place, you should inspect the different sections and see if you can find droppings. Rodents usually attack those places wherein there are less foot traffics like the attics, pantries, and also the walls. Their droppings can cause severe allergies or rashes. Direct contact with their droppings or urine may lead to diseases which include Hantavirus, leptospirosis, intestine-related ailments, and much more.


Mosquitoes is another health threat that you should get rid of. They carry the Zika virus and also the West Nile virus. They can cause Malaria, Dengue Fever, Dog Heartworm, and Chikungunya. Other effects include allergic reactions and ugly marks.

In order for you to eliminate mosquitoes in your home, you should get rid of still or standing water as this makes as a breeding site for them. It would also help to use off-lotion.


These creatures are one of the major causes of allergies among children as well as adults. In fact, this can aggravate the effects of asthma. They also carry bacteria (salmonella and E Coli) that can contaminate your kitchen utensils and food. Using contaminated equipment and consumption of food that contains their droppings is detrimental.



Aside from being an enemy of dogs, fleas are also nuisance pests. Just like mosquitoes, their bites may leave unsightly marks and rashes. You should be aware that fleas can move around your place along with your pets. They also go with rodents. So once you notice that there are mice around, you can also expect flea infestation.

Final thoughts

Pests are harmful creatures that should be eliminated the soonest possible time. Keep in mind that when you or your loved ones are exposed to the bacteria or virus that they carry, your immune system will get weak and this may cause frequent hospital visits. Therefore, it is important that you inspect your surroundings on a regular basis. If you see any sign of pests, you can call a pest control professional or you can also do some precautionary measures. Take a look at theĀ do it yourself pest control methods and have a pest-free home!